One of our first projects that we are working on: Vandal-Resistant Signs for the Parks


The process of replacing all Township Park signs has begun with recent donations from the Friends of Warminster Parks.  All of the new signs will be made from durable recyclable materials and will have a consistent design.  New signs can be found at the entrance to Warminster Community Park on Johnsville Blvd. and along Street Road at Szymanek Park.  A new sign will also be installed at Munro in the spring.  The Friends of Warminster Parks are pleased to make this donation for improving the park system for the community!

New Park Sign Donated to Warminster Township Parks and Recreation


Dear Warminster Township,

I am Pat Szymanek Mica, daughter of Steve Szymanek for whom the park is named. A friend forwarded me this is email as he was afraid, at first, that you were going yo rename it. He realized, of course, that was not the case. I am writing, however, to tell you how happy I am to see the very attractive new sign! Thank you, Warminster, for keeping these parks for everyone to enjoy.


Pat Szymanek Mica


A new entrance sign for Warminster Community Park in Warminster Township