Bankshot Basketball Court

 Raising Funds NOW!

Friends of Warminster Parks is raising funds to develop an all-inclusive basketball court.   The goal is to provide activities for all families and all skill levels in Warminster Community Park.  We will be partnering with a company called Bankshot which has designed several sport programs geared toward family sports where players do not play against one another but along-side one another. Bankshot Sports are non-running and non-exclusionary, accommodating wheelchair players, the physically and cognitively challenged, grandparents, children and everyone else at the same time. These sports are called Total -Mix Sports based on Universal Design”.

Bankshot™ Basketball is a new game of skill and challenge that is often described as a “mini golf, but with a basketball.” Players of all ages and abilities, including disabled participants, proceed through a course of angled, curved and non-conventionally configured brightly colored backboards, banking shots off the Bankboards™ and through the rims. Bankshot™ Sports are non-aggressive and entirely inclusionary. Participants play alongside, not against, each other.  Players cannot just shoot for the net, but have to figure out how to use the backboard to finesse the ball in. In that way the game is not just about the ability to put the ball up, but to think out the shot and learn how to navigate the course.

 “An important and novel aspect about Bankshot is its educational merit. The game offers an enriched play environment composed of a series of novel sport challenges that invigorate the brain with mind-nurturing play experiences. Bankshot’s design is also intended to stimulate motor coordination in a dynamic kid-friendly, inclusionary game. Because of Bankshot’s spatial relationships, particularly in geometrical composition and court design, the Bankshot court is part of a new genre in the art/play/think world of wonder. It combines creative and scientific elements to produce and advanced participatory art form for today’s young person. Bankshot is pure physics: an exercise in translating science into action.” (Florida Park & Recreation Quarterly)

Hometown Hero Banner Program

In January, the Friends launched their Hometown Hero Banner Program. Banners are available to active service members and veterans who have lived in Warminster or have family living here. For more information on the banners, CLICK HERE or stop by the Park & Rec office @ 1100 Veterans Way in WCP to pick up an application.

Banners Applications Can Be Found By

 Splash Park at Warminster Community Park


The process of replacing all Township Park signs has begun with recent donations from the Friends of Warminster Parks.  All of the new signs will be made from durable recyclable materials and will have a consistent design.  All signs have been replaced.  See the pictures below of the signs at  Warminster Community Park on Johnsville Blvd. and along Street Road at Szymanek Park.  The Friends of Warminster Parks are pleased to make this donation for improving the park system for the community!

A new entrance sign for Warminster Community Park in Warminster Township

New Park Sign Donated to Warminster Township Parks and Recreation

Dear Warminster Township,

I am Pat Szymanek Mica, daughter of Steve Szymanek for whom the park is named. A friend forwarded me this is email as he was afraid, at first, that you were going to rename it. He realized, of course, that was not the case. I am writing, however, to tell you how happy I am to see the very attractive new sign! Thank you, Warminster, for keeping these parks for everyone to enjoy.


Pat Szymanek Mica

Friends of Warminster Parks is a 501(c)(3) Organization